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Just Plain Stupid

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September 21st, 2004

04:44 pm
I think we should mention Grant's great relationship with children. Especially the one who ran after him, hitting him with a jumper and calling him a 'little penis'.
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September 8th, 2004

07:08 pm
Hi i am Grant, of the Grantisms! Feel free to post anything stupid any of your friends have said/done!

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06:57 pm
The first Grantisms list...

Grant's catchphrase Oh. My. God. NO!

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I'd like to point out that Grant will be 16 in a few weeks and legally an adult. Run for the hills!!!

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06:49 pm
Picture (very large forgot to resize them and cant b bothered nowCollapse )

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05:34 pm

And welcome to the grantisms comm

This basically started when, in english, me and my dear friend Lou decided to start a Grant Quote Page (grants is a complete idiot and says the stupidest of things) this page became quite full so we decided to start a community!!!


you can post pretty much what you want..... stupid

hope this makes sense!! and that the community has worked i got slightly confused!! hee hee

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